A Win-Win for Your Patient and Your Practice.

  • Medicare pays an average of $42.60 per patient per month.
  • For this example, lets subtract the $8 co-pay which leaves $34.60 per patient per month.
    • Now subtract $3.12, the cost of the medical assistant to spend 10-15 minutes delivering the CCM service (@ $12.50 per hour).
    • Finally, subtract the $4 transaction fee for the use of CCM360.
  • Assuming you are really bad at collecting co-pays, your annual net profit is at least $329.76 per patient.
  • Every 100 enrolled patients should net your practice at least $32,976 per year!
  • Providers with 400 patients who qualify for CCM services will only need to employ one part-time MA, who will work approximately 25 hours per week.
  • See more about this on the FAQ page.